White Floral Net curtain from only €1.99 per meter

White Floral Net curtain from only €1.99 per meter

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€ 1.99

A beautiful white net curtain with a delicate floral design. Drop sizes from 36" to 90". Ready to hang. Manufactured with a slotted top for wire or rods.

Sold by meters

Quantity = number of meters

Example - you've ordered 72" drop, quantity 4 - you will receive one piece of curtain 72" drop and 4 meters width. 

More details

How to order:

1. Measure your window width in meters

2. Decide how much gather would you like

Minimum gather - window width x 1.5

Nice soft gather - window width x 2 (recommended)

Full gather - window width x 2.5

Super full gather - window width x 3

3. Round off your result to the nearest meter - this is the qauntity you require

4.If you want us to cut the curtain into few pieces simply send us the message

5. Choose the drop

Alternatively just let us know your window width and preferred gather and we will calculate that for you

"Net curtain is a curtain cut from the roll with finished bottom and slotted top. The sides are not overlocked"

Please note sizes shown are approximate

Colour - white

Material: Lace 100% polyester

Suitable for use with thin pole or wire